1. What are the monthly fee per Antminer (does it including everything? Electricity, maintenance, security, monitoring, etc.)
2. is there a minimum down payment (the lower the better)
3. What is the minimum number of miners (5-10 would be a preferable number)
4. What is the maximum number of miners (1000 to 2000 in the future)
5. What is the minimum contract length (the lower the better)
6. What are the Antminer(miner/rig) monitoring options (how to monitor device status and mining progress)
7. How is device failure handled (how to fix failed devices, process, costs, etc.)
8. What if there is device failure by the data center operators (how to reimburse and in what condition)
9. Is there a radio frequency safety requirement for the my Antminer mining hardware if its power supply in the US and Canada? (The device are operating in South Korea right now.)

  • How much does your hosting services cost for the Antminer S9?
  • How much for 1, how much for 10, 50, 100?
  • What are your fees?
  • What is your kWh in cents?
  • What are your guarantees? Do you offer insurance?
  • The Atlanta cost for $95 a machine, is that all in and includes everything?